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Let's Dance!

“If you’re already walking on thin ice, you might as well dance.” – Gill Atkinson

When you go through hard times, do you find that you make it through just a little bit stronger than before? Instead of running away from your problems, I want to encourage you to hang on for one more day. When you do, here are three benefits you will receive:

  1. You will become stronger than ever.

  2. Jesus will be closer than you ever imagined.

  3. You will begin to realize that you are loved more than you ever knew.

“When I look in the mirror today, let me see beyond the obvious. Beyond the tired eyes, let me see strength I didn’t know I had. Past the lines on my face, let me see character that wasn’t there before. Let me see someone who has grown and changed and will continue to do so. Someone who is a little bit stronger. A little bit stronger, and a little bit better than yesterday. When I look at myself, let me see not only what’s there. . . . but what else is there.” – Lori Othouse

“The dance of life has simple moves. Follow your heart. Lead with your soul. Be true to yourself. Find what sparks your soul and kindles your inner fire. When disappointments bring on ominous skies and threatening storms, embrace your dreams. Your dreams are those warm rays of hope that will keep you anchored until the sun shines tomorrow. Know that soon you will whirl and waltz with the wind again.” – Maryellen Heller

Those hard times you’ve been facing are temporary. So instead of wallowing in pity, turn up the music and dance the night away! While you’re at it. . . force yourself to smile. It’s not that difficult. Now hold it for a count of ten and deepen it. Mentally affirm, “I am happy, totally, blissfully happy.” Use your smile to start a happiness epidemic. Smile at everyone, everywhere. People are hardwired to respond to the facial expressions they encounter. When you smile, you’ll feel happier because your body responds to your smile, even if you are faking the grin. So fake it until you genuinely feel happy. Once you know it works, do it often. Then kick off your shoes and dance in the puddles until the sun comes out again!

“Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, and take what comes with a smile.”Barbara Johnson

Have a great day!!

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