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One to One Coaching

Sue Ann Cordell is dedicated to providing customizable, proactive advice and strategies to professionals at any level. She utilizes over 20 years of experience as a human resources director and executive in the entertainment industry, and her vast set of relationships with forward-thinking executives to coach professionals to recognize their full potential. Her extensive knowledge of the ever-changing marketplace gives her clients an advantage when seeking to move to the next level in their career. Her coaching style promotes positive reinforcement, confidence building, the ability to fail forward, and to be adaptable along the way.  She will spend very little time focusing on your past, and almost exclusively focusing on your future. She understands that one size does not fit all, and is committed to putting together a strategy to fit particular needs and goals for each individual client. While she will do her best to help you create good results, it is essential for you to take the action needed to get the most from the process.


Most coaching sessions are 60 minutes and done via phone or Skype every 2 weeks. The exact number of sessions is dependent on you and your goals. Unlimited personal email and text support is included along with special rates for Personal Enrichment Seminars, Retreats,and Networking Events sponsored by SHINEWORTHY Lifestyles. 

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