Sue Ann Cordell

Sue Ann Cordell

Like so many men and women, Sue Ann Cordell keeps a candle burning at both ends most of the time. She classifies herself as one of the busiest women she knows. Several years ago she realized that she was not the only one experiencing such a hectic way of life, and did not want to miss out on the things in life that were truly important. She began to discover ways to change habits, re-prioritize, set goals, and experience ways to live the life out of every day. She will be the first to tell you that there are some days that she gets it right, and other days when she misses the mark. But through it all she has learned to take a positive approach to life.

Sue Ann Cordell is recognized as a great storyteller, and excellent communicator. Her speaking style appeals to men and women from all walks of life, and transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. She has been an invited guest speaker for retreats, conferences, workshops, and seminars for more than 25 years. Her interactive and entertaining style helps audiences connect and relate as she shows them how to find fulfillment in their careers, relationships, and their lives. Through humor and inspiration, she not only challenges people to change, she motivates them to do so.

Sue Ann is the founder of SHINEWORTHY Lifestyles. Her passion is to train and equip men and women to take a positive approach to life. She influences the lives of people all over the world with her daily blog. Her motto is straightforward: “Stay positive, and live the life out of every day.”
Sue Ann owns and operates SHINEWORTHY TEA, a tea bar and retail store located in Nashville, Tennessee. She offers an excellent selection of hand picked loose-leaf teas and accessories both online and in the local retail store. The tea bar has an atmosphere that promotes a sense of community for all to enjoy.

Sue Ann worked as an executive at WME (William Morris Endeavor Entertainment) from April 1993 – July 2014.

Sue Ann is married to Randy Cordell. She is “Mom” to Hether Crawford and Bobby Cordell. She is “Nana” to Randi, Rowan, Riley, and Claire. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She studied music at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina, where she majored in Piano. She loves music, enjoys hiking, golf, playing the piano, and ice cream. Her drink of choice is a cup of fine tea from SHINEWORTHY TEA.