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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up

Some people wake up every day with no desire to go to work and feel empty most of the time because they realize they never pursued their passion.

Do you find yourself following the expectations of other people and mistaking them as your passion?

Something to think about. . .

Some people get married because they think it is the right thing to do. They have children after marriage, because they think it is the right thing to do. They miss their little league games to make ends meet, and rationalize it’s the right thing to do. They drop them off at child care so they can make enough money to give them what they never had. When they finally give it to them, they realize why they never had it; their parents knew it wasn’t what they needed. They replace bedtime story with 30 more minutes on the computer. They replace breakfast with a Pop-Tart. They replace talking to their children with a chat room. When the next technical wave of inventions arrives, they buy all of them. They have no satisfaction until they have them or so they think. They complain of debt and how tight money is, yet they own two cars and both of them are financed. They purchase new shoes, but never discard the old pair, and never wear them again. They skip breakfast, lunch, and eat fast food for dinner. Their lives are in the fast lane with no exit ramp in sight. They do it because everyone else does, and live beyond their means to support someone else’s meaning. - (from, “Enjoy the Ride, by Steve Gilliland)

Take some time today to reflect on your current situation. Are you true to who you want to be? When you begin to pursue your passion, it is amazing how much better your outlook on life will be.

It’s time to let the Real YOU Stand Up!

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