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Be Silly - It's Good For You!

“I know a little suffering is good for the soul, but somebody must be trying to make a saint out of me!” If you feel like this statement describes the story of your life, I want to encourage you to lighten up. Find reasons to laugh. No matter what you are going through right now, a little silliness and laughter will keep you balanced. Humor and laughter are good medicine for achy hearts, and sad faces. Take a break from the seriousness for a while, it will do you good!

I love this quote: “There is a direct correlation between the level of happiness in one’s life and the amount of silliness they allow into it. I know. I’ve done studies.” - curlygirl

I want to challenge you to do a study too. Try setting your problems aside for the day and make a decision to find reasons to laugh. Do silly things and have fun. For those of you who will be spending at least 8 hours at your workplace, this is still possible to pull off. You just have to be creative. Look for things to add to your humor file. If you don’t have a humor file, then start gathering items throughout the day and create one for future use. During your lunch break, instead of complaining about the boss or the customers, invite a positive person to join you for lunch, and make sure ice cream is part of your meal.

I like what Rokelle Lerner has to say about this in Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul, “Days come and go and the beauty of life is lost when I wander through moments unconsciously. To fully experience life I remind myself of what gave me pleasure as a small child. Sniffing oranges as I peeled the skin. Rolling a caramel around in my mouth. Feeling the swooping thrill as I swished down a slide. Playing with bubbles in a soapy bath. The curiosity and creativity I possessed as a child is still inside of me. All I need to do is remember that my ability to recapture it is there for the taking. I can dance, write, play or listen and in doing so I awaken my senses to celebrate the creative wonderful parts that I possess.”

Some pursue happiness, others create it.

There is no better way to spend a day than in good company. To slow down and take a little leisure is the happiest method of living. If today is packed full of busyness, then why not block a day in the near future for nothing but silliness and fun? While you’re at it, why not inspire others to do it too?

  • It’s better to forget and smile than to remember and be upset.

  • The sound of laughter is God’s hand upon a troubled world.

  • Count your friends as timeless treasures that grow more beautiful each day.

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